Saturday, February 2, 2008


*woke up at 7 am: took a shower, got dress, weighed myself 145lbs. (omg...i've gotten so fat!)
*breakfast: had noodles in vegi broth
*went to see my therapist: been feeling very detached and unaffected
*lunch: vegi-ham vietnamese sandwich and pink berry - sm. original w/ no topping
*tried to get dvb working on linux: installed xine-lib, xine-gui, installed firmware, installed drivers, used xine-util to scan channels and generate channels.conf launched xine... FAIL!!!!
*checked email
*surfed the web
*dinner: rice and bean burrito
*listened to coast to coast on KFI 640 AM

the irish have whisky

This is what soju does to an honest soul... err here in seoul.
koreans have soju