Thursday, December 27, 2007

dinner in queens

my dinner :)

i've found the cure for hang overs

my cus jooner turned me on to coconut water, it's the cure for hangovers as well as a day after gorging yourself with FOOD as well!!!11!! ps it doesn't have to be elmo, it can be what ever stuffed animal and/or sex toy you wish.

it's breakfest for a cold weather biatch!

Dominican beans and rice1!! damn that green sauce was hot!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

old whiffleball field

this used to be the court yard where i played whiffle ball after school, of course the tree wasn't there. glad to see somethings never change...

late night dinner in queens


did you hear? a giant glacier showed up in jersey (or jawsey) and i go to check it out! today would of been like any other day, except U R THERE!

dad&grandpa go to "h market"

grandpa is very very picky about his kimchee

i wander what the "h" stands for?