Friday, December 21, 2007

finally arrived in ny

i missed my 7am flight out of los angeles to new york. what happened? well, i got twisted at the company party, came home at 3 am, and my cab never showed up. i called for another cab and it arrived at 6:45 am. i went on standby for the 9:45am flight to JFK which was delayed and rescheduled for a 10:30am take off. the customer service rep told me that it was a full flight and i mayb have to wait till the 1pm flight to ny... luckily i was able to catch the 9:45am flight and delay was recinded and we took off on time. i arrived in ny at 7pm and made it to my cousin's at 8pm. :)

what did i do the first night? we recovered joon's mp3 files off his hard drive and at home-style vegetarian food (well, will a little sea food).

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