Friday, May 27, 2011

Earth's Coordinates

According to Star Trek, Earth is located in the Alpha Quadrant (50000;74000). This is based off the Cartesian planar coordinate system with the upper left corner (0;0) and the lower right corner (100000;100000).
The zero-point of the system is located in the center of the Galaxy, and the 4 quadrants correspond to the 4 Galactic quadrants (Alpha=III, Beta=IV, Gamma=II, Delta=I). Consequently, the system has the advantage that the Galactic quadrant can be easily determined by the sign of the x and y coordinates: position in Alpha Quadrant - x negative, y negative; position in Beta Quadrant - x positive, y negative; position in Gamma Quadrant - x negative, y positive and position in Delta Quadrant - x positive, y positive.

Thanks Gene

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