Friday, October 12, 2007

it's raining on my neighbor's perade

when i got home, all the parking spaces were taken up by enormous pickup trucks and suvs. there was a group of people with ugly children standing around like cows in my neighbor's front yard with meat and vegetable sundays piled on top of paper plates. i was tempted to turn around, head to the nearest bar and get shit faced. "you know, i hate my fucking neighbors and their 10 ton trucks and their 20 ton wives!", i would blurt to the drunk sitting next to me. i would rant about the annoying south of the border oom pa pa music that blast all night long. instead i found a parking spot further up the hill, made way to my house, and sat. i took some pictures of myself, posted them on my blog and sat. i meditated, drank a redbull and sat. then the rain came and i smiled.

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