Monday, February 23, 2009

Living in Boys Town

Boys Town is fucking ghey. I get it that you're enjoying yourselves and want the party to go on even though it's 2:30 am and playing that bronsky beat from your convertible white mustang with 5 of your boys around, they and you swinging pants and shirts around gyrating to the music that is so loud that it wails distorted and if i hadn't grown up in the 80's i wouldn't be able to tell that it's depeche mode or blang mange, or new order or softcell. But these corridors of west hollywood just soak it all up doesn't it, like a giant sponge who's pores were designed to pull in all that was and could of been tonight and now the end of night with such ease that it becomes a promise... a love letter from the future... But right now, please the fuck off the streets and let me sleep, get the fuck out back to korea town or down town or maybe even some fucking county in ventura where you lead a life of motocycles, middle management, and 2 children one of which is an artist the other a depressed suicidal bleeding rose.

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