Thursday, January 3, 2008

chilly willy

I´m Chilly Willy the penguin
I shake until I´m blue
My head is hot and my feet are cold
Ha Hee Hachoo
Now what about the crocodiles
along the river Nile
I´ll bet they´re all as warm as toast
They always seem to smile
I´m always Chilly Willy
I´m frozen through and through
My nose is red and my tale is told
Ha Hee Hachoo.

julie, an illustrator by day and PENGUINGIRL by night.
i think there is potential for comic book here, along with AWSOME POSSUM!


Anonymous said...

you spelled PENGUINGIRL's real name wrong. :|

StupidMan said...

her name is julie willy she's frozen through and through, her nose is red and her feet are blue, ah ah ahhchoo!