Thursday, January 3, 2008

omg so gross *NSFW*

Q: Are there any known health risks associated with playing with the doll?*
*A:* Not really. The doll is made out of silicone (inanimate matter) and

so does not host any transmitable diseases. Our dolls also receive a

very thorough disinfection bath after each play and come in a risk free

condition. However, to avoid even the slightest risk possibility we

require that you WEAR A CONDOM at all times when entering the doll's

love entries. From the moment, you have entered this website you also

have agreed to these terms: By entering and using this website and/or

placing a reservation for a session you agree that you use our service

entirely at your own risk and that you won't hold Sweeties -

FinestSexDollRental and (owned by Sweeties -

FinestSexDollRental) liable for any consequences that may emerge for you

or anybody else from using this website and/or our services by you.

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drew said...

how in the world do u find this shit?